With the changing economy, no one has lifetime employment. But community colleges provide lifetime employability. - Barack Obama

When I was a student at Ivy Tech Community College in Logansport, Indiana, I had a wonderful mentor named Sheila Wiggins. Sheila taught me a great deal, more than she'll ever know. One of the many things she showed me was how to keep a portfolio of my accomplishments. I didn't understand the importance of this task until this binder full of pages helped me secure a new position I had applied for. The company I was interviewing with said there was a recommendation letter in my portfolio (from a prior supervisor named Barbara Williams) that really spoke to him.

I went on to teach at Ivy Tech for a few years and every class I taught started with a discussion about having a personal portfolio. Education and certifications take effort and when each stage of that effort is completed, it should be celebrated. In the images below, you may see my name but you won't often see the names of the people who supported me through eight years of higher education. To all of them, I give abundant thanks.

~ Angie Veach, Ivy Tech Community College, Class of 2006